Gardiens du Louvre

In 2023 I fulfilled my big dream of visiting Paris. On a warm sunny day I walked through the tunnels that led to The Louvre. A man played la Vie en Rose on the accordion (appropriately). Walking out into the courtyard I experienced a bit of Stendhal Syndrome; I was overwhelmed by the beauty and history of the place where I stood. Taking it all in I was aware of a steady whooshing sound which I could not place. There! Waaaay up high, on the top of the Louvre palace were three men. Three men scrubbing the beautiful railings and balusters of the crown of Paris. It was a "I've got to paint that!" moment. Here it is, Gardiens of The Louvre. They are her guardians and caretakers. I painted this one very loose with a bit of whimsy in the sculpture. Strong colors and shadows and very few truly "straight" lines. 36 x 48" oil on canvas. Framed in a 1.5" mottled grey and silver (just like The Louvre) frame.