Sometimes it takes awhile to find your bliss. I grew up surrounded by objects of beauty and curiosity (my parents had an antique shop that overflowed into our home and my father was a watch and clock repairman). In elementary school I was "identified" as having a gift for art and embraced the acknowledgement wholeheartedly. I was in the studio often growing up, but as life would have it, found myself pursuing a more "stable" career as a teacher, not an artist. While teaching is indeed an art, I am now quite happy to channel my creativity into my paintings.

I found a brush in my hand again after my move to the Charleston area several years ago. The beauty of the low country is breathtaking. The vibrant art scene of Charleston is invigorating and wonderful to experience. Classes unearthed talent that I didn't even know I still had.  I continue to learn and see the world with the eyes of an artist.

I love the process of painting from that first idea to the early sketch and then on to the canvas. Watching my work unfold lifts my spirit. I am in awe of the possibility that lies within a tube of paint. I paint what strikes me but I am particularly drawn to vintage images and ideas.

I do occasional commission work. Please contact me directly.

My media is oil. I use only the highest grade Gamblin oil paints for their rich hues. I paint on canvas and linen.

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